Religious Education

St. Stephen’s Home Based Religious Education Programs

Here at St. Stephen’s Parish, we are very blessed to have a full time coordinator and a home-based Religious Education Program offered to our children from kindergarten to level one. This program gives families an opportunity to share the Catholic faith, experience a faith community, and witness the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. The program is based on the teaching of the Catholic Church.

This is an opportunity to bring families together to share their faith and to become part of a faith community. To empower the family by being a witness to the Good News and to pass on the Catholic teaching of the Church. Since the Catholic Religion is no longer taught in the regular school system; the parish and the family work together to share and experience the faith.

Programs are available for ages 5-16 years. This includes preparation for the sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation at the appropriate age.

Please see below for more information.

Diocesan Guidelines for Catechetical Formation and Sacramental Preparation:
In consultation with the Priests, Directors of Parish Life and Parish Catechists of the diocese the following guidelines have been promulgated to take effect as of September 2016:

Catechetical Curriculum:
Allelu, a family based program for children age five; Alive in Christ, a family based program for children age six to eleven.

First Reconciliation/First Communion Preparation:
Minimum age: 7 years
Minimum faith formation prep: 2 year program

Minimum age: 13 years;
Minimum faith formation prep: 2 years

More information regarding these guidelines may be found under Policies at:

Each family follows a three tier approach; attending weekly mass, meet as a faith community once a month, and completing the program at home.

In our parish, preparation for Confirmation involves two years. There is a pre-Confirmation program (for mostly grade Sevens) in the first year of preparation and a Confirmation program (mostly for grade Eights) during the second year. Each year involves about eight sessions. At the end of the second year, Confirmation candidates will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during Mass Celebration.
Contact: Debbie Keough; Co-ordinator Religious Education
Telephone: 643-6681 or 643-2523

10:30AM Sunday Morning
6:00PM Sunday Evening

4:30AM Saturday Evening
9:00PM Sunday Morning

1:30PM - 2:30PM Saturdays

3:00PM Saturdays (anytime by requst)

7:00PM Monday & Wednesday
9:30AM Tuesday, Thursday Friday
10:00AM Thursday Adoration
2:00PM 1st Friday - Acadian Village
2:30PM 3rd Friday - Silverwood


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